My SQL Database

My Database Design

The design of my database consists of the following tables.  Some of these have been populated with data, others are still in process and data will be added to this documentation as they are developed.  These tables fall into three broad categories as indicated below.

Master Tables:  These are mostly static and unchanging except on rare occasion. They will help in locating errors and in the presentation of reports.  The data contained in these might be utilized in other systems as they may not be specific to this one.

      •  City
      •  Country
      •  County
      •  Event
      •  Place
      •  State

Lookup Tables: While similar to Master Tables they contain only a few rows of data and they may eventually be converted to SQL functions.

      •  Event Type
      •  Family Role
      •  Sex

Data files: These are the meat of the system and are specific to my genealogy, although you may share some of these persons in your own tree.  Note; because no detailed information on a family is needed other than its identification there is no separate Family Table.

      •  Person: Each person is contained herein once.
      •  Person Family: Each person will be listed once for each family they are in.
      •  Person Event: Each Person will be listed once for each event in their lives.
      •  Person Note: Each person may have many notes, but each of note is specific to that person.
      •  Person Source: Each person may have many sources for their information and each source may relate to many individuals.
      •  Shared Event: Shared events document those events that are specific to a single marriage.
      •  Source: The sources of my data.



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