Accessing the Kedit, SQL, and GEDCOM Files does not easily facilitate the storage and retrieval of these files so they are stored as Word files.

To read or use these files follow the following steps.

  1. If one does not already exist add a folder named to your “My Documents” folder.
  2. Clicking on the file name will download it.
  3. Clicking the downloaded file will open it in Word.
  4. Press Ctrl +a to select everything in that document.
  5. Open Kedit to an empty file and paste into the 1st line of that file.
  6. Save this result as its name herein; ie: FTPERSON.KEX into the folder named “Family Tree System”.  It should now look identical to the word document; color, format and etc.
  7. Review, study and become familiar with the contents of the file.
  8. If you are interested in actually running this code the is a different procedure for this depending on the file type of the file.  Each is listed below.


  1. The file named “TestFamilyTreeSystem.GED” provides a test bed for the system. It contains both good and bad data for Kedit to process.

KEX Files
These are Kedit macro files

  1. Open file “TestFamilyTreeSystem.GED” located in the “Family Tree System” folder with Kedit.
  2. On the command line of Kedit enter the name of the macro; ie: FTPERSON.
  3. Press enter to execute the macro. It will process for a few minutes and when done the file will disappear.
  4. If processing went at planned there now will be a new file in the “Family Tree System” folder, ie: “FT_Person.sql”.

Some are generated by the Kedit macros
others have been provided

  1. If you have SQL software up and running, clicking on the name of an SQL file in the “Family Tree System” folder will load that file into SQL as a new query.
  2. Execute that query and it will process and load the “dbo.Person” Table with all the individuals in the “TestFamilyTreeSystem.GED” file.

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