This site, when finished, will document my efforts to provide myself with additional reporting of the people in Family Tree Maker using its output GEDCOM files.  It tracks the process of extracting a GEDCOM file from Family Tree Maker or similar software, the use of Kedit to reformat that GEDCOM into SQL tables and, the reporting of those table using Fast Reports or SQL itself.

Included is not only be the documentation of the process but the code I have written to accomplish this.

If you are not interested in Genealogy but want to learn to use  GEDCOM, SQL, Kedit, or Fast Reports these pages will help as they provide you with the steps I used as well as the actual working code.

None of this is intended to be helpful in learning how to use Family Tree Maker.

I was quite pleased after I ran this to find that there are exactly as many people in my SQL database as there are in my FTM database.  I didn’t miss a one.


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